Preselection in dating

Strength, money, access to resources are actually beneficial to a potential mate.Instead, men find they can exhibit these meta-traits to attract women, because possessing these meta traits demonstrate access to women, who theoretically found him to display other traits of value (such as strength or access to resources).This is what we’d expect, and I posted on this matter in October.

It never appeared to me this way because the mind tends to plays tricks on you when your ego is threatened.Guppies are small fish with brains of only a few millimeters in width, and so one wouldn't expect them to make complex mating decisions: Take for example the typical female Guppy who has to choose between two males; one a little drab, the other brightly colored.For the typical female this situation presents a simple - practically hard-wired - call, and she will generally choose the brightly colored male.When this happens, our typical Guppy female will often change her mate preference based on the simple observation that another female is actually mating with the previously undesired male.Seeing that another female wants this particular male seems to make him more attractive.I knew I could be successful with average women, which blew the asshole out of having no success before game, so I got too comfortable with getting consistent results with average women.


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